Issue with pagination

Hello, as a starting point for using Zola, I’ve decided to use zola-pickles as my theme, I installed it as written in the README and try to generate the following very basic page:

title = "1"
paginate_by = 5
sort_by = dare


Everytime I try to generate it, I get:

Building site...                                                                                                        
-> Creating 0 pages (0 orphan), 0 sections, and processing 0 images                                                     
Failed to build the site                                                                                                
Error: Failed to render section '/Users/roberto/Documents/Perso/Sites/zola/content/'                           
Reason: Failed to render 'index.html'                                                                                   
Reason: Variable `paginator.pages` not found in context while rendering 'index.html'                                    

Using 0.13.0 on macOS.

This must be very basic, sorry.

sort_by = dare

take a look :slight_smile: should be sort_by = "date"

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Nope, I made a typo when I wrote the message. The real file has “date”.

I’ve just cloned zola-pickles, it works without any issue, do you have the same folder’s structure?

Just re-created another site with zola init, re-cloned zola-pickles copied my and same error. I have no idea what’s happening. If I remove the theme, it works.

And I tried it again with Dinkleberg and it fails with the same error. I’m using zola 0.13.0 from Homebrew, really weird.