Exclude section from being rendered on the posts list

I am moving my personal blog from Jekyll to Zola, but I am struggling to understand how to exclude a section from being rendered on the main page.

I want a paginated list of posts on the /, all posts are available in the content directory. And I want an /about page, to be excluded from posts list, that will render ./content/about/index.md

This is the structure of content:

├── 2024-05-01-first.md
├── 2024-05-01-second.md
├── _index.md
└── about
    └── index.md

With the theme I am currently using, zola-pickles, the /about page is displayed in the paginated list of posts on the home page.

Change about/index.md to about/_index.md and that should do the trick.

I have tried:

├── ___.md
├── ___.md
├── _index.md
└── about
    └── _index.md


In your about/_index.md, have you set a template in the front matter? Like this:

title = "About"
template = "page.html"
path = "about"

tried also, but:

✗ zola serve
Building site...
Checking all internal links with anchors.
> Successfully checked 5 internal link(s) with anchors.
-> Creating 11 pages (0 orphan) and 1 sections
Error: Failed to serve the site
Error: Failed to render section '/Users/punkpen/Documents/blog/content/about/_index.md'
Error: Reason: Failed to render 'page.html'
Error: Reason: Variable `page.title` not found in context while rendering 'page.html'

It’s going to be a section, not a page. So define a about.html template and use section. to access the fields

Right. I misspoke. I actually have:
content → pages → about → index.md

pages is a section with render = false (link to code).
about is a directory with an index.md file.

It specifies a template to use, but you might get away with using the default.

Hope that helps!