Help with page.earlier/page.later [edit:bug]

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Seems to be a bug in Zola 0.16.1, it works fine (as expected) if I go back to 0.15.3.
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I’m trying to have previous/next post when I open a post on my blog.
I’m using page.earlier/page.later and I’m just confused because it doesn’t render the navigation in posts.
Note: pagination works on blog section
Here is my content folder structure and the content

— (sort_by = “date”, transparent = true)
– (sort_by = “date”, transparent = true)
– (render = false, transparent = false) (sort_by = “date”, transparent = true, paginate_by = 10)

I tried many combinations but they dont work

It’s a change in 0.16 where this has been removed. See zola/ at master · getzola/zola · GitHub the 3rd bullet point
In short page.earlier == page.lower, page.later == page.higher

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Thanks Keats!
Sorry for this