Page not found following "Getting Started"

I’m following the

And going to


404 Not Found

However, gives the right page. So it is running!

Note that zola serve outputs correctly. I tried zola build on its own and I get:

C:\Users\minin\Documents\GitHub\ministats>zola build
Building site...
Checking all internal links with anchors.
> Successfully checked 0 internal link(s) with anchors.
-> Creating 1 pages (1 orphan) and 0 sections
Done in 21ms.

Do you have things I can try out to troubleshoot this?
Link to the repo: GitHub - CGMossa/ministats: Zola website for

Last step of the tutorial causes an issue

Error: Failed to build the site
Error: Failed to render section '\\?\C:\Users\minin\Documents\GitHub\ministats\content\'
Error: Reason: Failed to render 'index.html'
Error: Reason: Function call 'get_url' failed
Error: Reason: `get_url`: could not resolve URL for link `@/blog/` not found.

It is as if the blog subdirectory in content just is completely ignored.

I misunderstood something: and not _index.html in content.