"Error: Failed to render section" when running "zola serve"

I am completely new to Zola and just now ran into a problem with a site we are running with Zola.
The Site-structure looks just like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-25 um 13.51.50

Now, as soon as I run zola build or zola serve it starts creating the pages.
But then I see an Error-Message like this (folder names are following the Screenshot example):

Error: Failed to render section '/content/site/version1_index.md'
Reason: Failed to render 'section.html' (error happened in a parent template)
Reason: Function call 'get_section' failed
Reason: Section `/content/_index.md` not found.

The thing is, /content/_index.md exists and has the following content:


So now I have absolutely no clue where to start as I couldn’t find anything while googling and stuff…
I would highly appreciate any help and if you need further information I’ll hand them to you :slight_smile:

Many Greetings!

sorry if I got you wrong, but in your case render=false doesn’t matter, for your index.html folder site will be section and folders version1 and version2 will be subsection. Looks like you try to execute get_section and here is nothing to get. Do you have your project on github\gitlab?

as the error says, you may don’t have the file “_index.md” under the folder “content”. You HAVE to put a file named “_index.md” to let the zola know it as a section.

thats the main problem. There is a _index.md file inside the content/ folder. Thats why I just don’t understand the origin of the problem.

as far as I know, we use the “render=false” content because we only want our subsections to be shown and not the parent section which would be the content/ folder. I didn’t want to imply that the content of this file is wrong, just wanted to make clear that we have such file.
I cannot give you any GitHub as this is a private project in our company so I can’t leak information to you.
If you need any additional information just let me know and I’ll see what I can provide.

looks like you need transparent mode, instead of render=false . Take a look to some Zola’s themes, it might be useful. or, tell a little bit more about your website structure, 'cause I can’t understand what you want to get exactly