[solved] Tasklist doesn't seem to work

According to pulldown-cmark readme, it has support for Github flavored task lists. It even has a test that passes, but I can’t make it work in Zola, it renders just like here in discourse:

- [ ] foo
- [x] bar


  • [ ] foo
  • [x] bar

(no checkboxes, just [ ] text)

I’m using zola 0.11.0
Can anyone else reproduce this? Maybe I have something wrong with my local setup.

That’s because I haven’t enabled it apparently. I just did it on the next branch, it will be in the next release.


Thank you so much! :tada:

I am using Zola 0.13.0
The task list still does not render correctly when viewed in the browser. Bullets are still seen before the boxes.


Any help to resolve is much appreciated.

This is expected behavior, my initial issue was about missing checkboxes.

You can hide bullets with css.