Fallback taxonomy templates not working?

Reading the docs:

Zola will look up the following, taxon-specific files in the templates directory:

  • $TAXONOMY_NAME/single.html
  • $TAXONOMY_NAME/list.html

if they are not found, it will attempt to fall back on the following generic template files:

  • taxonomy_single.html
  • taxonomy_list.html

But when I try not using $TAXONOMY_NAME/list.html, expecting Zola to fall back to taxonomy_list.html I get:

Error: Failed to render a list of series page.
Reason: Tried to render `series/list.html` but the template wasn't found

The error is correct, the template is not there (deliberately), but the templates/taxonomy_list.html file is there.

Is this an error in the docs?

Which version are you using?


Gosh… I’m face-palming. How did it not occur to me to check the version. I’m so behind, sorry for wasting your time! I thought I had a fresh install via Brew, but it turns out it was very stale.