Pre-build hooks

This is half a feature request and half a support request. I happily used Zola for my course website this past semester, building via a Github action and publishing to Github pages. The one bump I had was that towards the end of the semester, I made my students a grade calculator (a tiny little react app) and I couldn’t figure out a good way to incorporate that into the Zola build other than a Makefile. I’m curious if people have ideas on how to approach this–it seems like this is fundamentally the same problem faced by people using Tailwind, but I haven’t figured out what their pattern is.

It looks like the place to insert a hook of some kind would be here, but “check the config and shell out to run an arbitrary command” doesn’t seem like the best design, else I’d offer to do it.

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I would use a Makefile for any pre/post processing

I did actually find a reference to overriding the build command in config.toml (I think it was in an example/some blog post, rather than the documentation), but the Makefile approach is working just fine for me at the moment.