Allow starting Zola from anywhere in the site directory

Hello there.

Currently Zola can only serve/build/check site if launched from the root of site directory (where main dirs and config.toml are located). If launched from any subdirectory it fails with “Failed to load config” error. This is unfortunate because I often try to launch Zola from subdirectory I’m working on, and it makes me changing directory to project root only to have Zola running.

It would be nice to allow Zola to run from anywhere in the site directory, the same manner as Git does.

Is there any chance to have this feature implemented?

sounds not to complicated and a nice QoL. We could just search the parents which would cover most use cases and also avoid weird edge cases with stuff like symlinks. I’d be happy to work on this if @keats is okay with it.

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Yep i think it’s fine to add that

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