Using Zola as a Library

Hello, I was wondering if there was any work on adding a [lib] dependency to Zola, and having the [[bin]] use that. That way someone can use Zola as an underpinning library to build sites.

Is there interest in doing this? I could try to help and get something out.


I made this branch here

Would you all be interested in accepting this PR? I would like to use Zola as a library to generate sites via a different front-end.


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The concept is probably ok but I would not make serve available

Yeah, for now we are gonna get by with git-deps, but if the concept is good, I will keep it in mind once we have a concrete solution.


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having zola serve available in a lib would be super useful for the following use case: cross compile zola for mobile, use it to test and serve the website from mobile from an app (for people who don’t want to use a laptop to edit their website). This is actually something I’m trying to do.

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Any progress on this? I am also interested to use zola as a library for a small project of mine.

I going try to re-base the following PR and use a fork for now.

Thank you all!