Templates directory not created if not preset

Hello, I’ve just deployed the latest version of my website coruscateor.com and a couple of times both when I tried to run the site during development and deploy it I would get this error:

Error: Failed to serve the site
Error: Error parsing templates from the /templates directory
Error: Reason: Io error while writing rendered value to output: NotFound
Error: Reason: No such file or directory (os error 2)

As indicated by the error message I found the site didn’t have a templates directory in the project root which was easily fixed and for deployment I added a .gitkeep file to the directory so git would have the directory on the server as well.

The version of Zola I’m using is: 17.2

The question I have to ask is: Can’t Zola create this directory itself without the user having to figure out the problem and implement a lasting solution for it?

It’s fixed in 0.18
In practice it’s better to not create directories when they are not mandatory - this one was a bug.