Build site locally


I am trying to use Zola with the theme ‘Easydocs’ to build a local technical documentation (kind of knowledge management tool).
I want to built my site to be on my computer (C:).
I am facing an issue as Zola requires a base_url parameter that cannot be set to a local folder (only http://…).

Did I miss something and is there a way to build a site locally?

You want to use zola serve to see the website locally. zola build does use the base_url for the final output.

Thanks, for sure it works great.
But I am looking for a solution where I can have a static HTML site. So if I want to share it, it is just a copy/paste or a link to index.html file.

Ah, that’s not possible currently to output a local site with all relative links I think.

Thank you anyway!