Warm-reload not working, how to diagnose?

Using zola serve, any *.md changes don’t show up on F5 / Ctrl+F5 / Ctrl+R / Ctrl+Shift+R page reloads: I have to force-quit-and-restart zola serve to see those changes.

This is an (Arch-deriv) Garuda Linux.

How to troubleshoot this — seems like there’s no “verbose-level logging” (at least, help doesn’t mention it).

I can report that ulimit returns unlimited and cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches returns 524288.

Solved with 0.19.1, was a bug in 0.19.0 apparently =)

Yep it should be fixed for Linux. Do you get zola serve - automatic firefox refresh leads to `Not Found` · Issue #2552 · getzola/zola · GitHub by any chance?

Just tried with FF, seems to work just fine!

@keats I should add: I do see that very “Not Found” rendition sometimes. But rarely, no idea under what circumstances (other than being on Change-Detected), in Chromium (so not FF-specific I’d gather), always solved by F5.

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