Auto refreshing browser with docker

I read over the docker documentation at Installation | Zola. Everything works except the browser auto refresh on save. It does not seem like a zola issue because zola is updating on every save and when I manually refresh the browser i see the changes, but I was hoping someone may have found the solution to this (i spent a good hour searching). I am using the docker-compose file below. I am running v0.13 in WSL2. Auto refresh is working outside of docker on my windows and WSL2 installation. I would be happy to provide any other information if it helps. Thank you!

version: "2.4"

    working_dir: /docs
    image: balthek/zola:0.13.0
    container_name: zola_workspace
    command: serve --interface --port 8080 --base-url localhost
      - ./docs:/docs
      - "8080:8080"

just a guess:
Zola updates your browser throught the js-script mapped to 1024 port, try to expose 1024 port to your docker image too

Amazing, that worked! I thought that may be the issue, but the only other port I could find was 35729 from livereload.js, which was being remapped in zola anyway. However, now that you point out that port I see it clear as day in the code under self.live_reload = get_available_port(port_to_avoid); Guess I should have looked harder in zola! I think it may be beneficial to mention this in the docker documentation section. Would you want to create a PR for it since you found the answer? Or would you want me to do it, and I will give you full credit of course!

you may create a PR, but I 'm not confident that the case related to zola or it’s more about docker usage specific

I will look into it a bit and probably end up opening an issue with the repository owner to get his thoughts before creating a PR. Also, it looks like the port may not be 1024 if it is in use already so I wonder if it would be beneficial to output the live reload port when serving. Thanks again!