Two computers issue

I have an office computer and a remote laptop. How do I make Zola work on the same project. I set it up on my laptop and then cloned the Github repo on my office computer, but it keeps throwing errors to do with config.toml every time I try to serve the site.

Are you using the same version of Zola on both?

@keats No, I haven’t checked. But if think I’m running 0.18.0 on my MacBook and the latest update – 0.19.0 – on my office computer. I’ll look at this tomorrow morning and see if I can get it to work.

@keats The question is, though, do I perform a brew upgrade or a brew update to replace 0.18.0 with the latest version of Zola?

I guess there’s more to the update than this, but it kept bombing out on generate_feed being generate_feeds and feed_filename being feed_filenames.

Hi @JeffPorter , use brew upgrade zola to upgrade your zola version (brew update is something different). Then change the name of generate_feed to generate_feeds and feed_filename to feed_filenames in your config.toml file.

If you encounter any issues after that feel free to come back to this thread. Hope that helps!

Thanks, @spence.

If I then update the four sections (will slim them down at some point) of my blog with generate_feeds. Will that solve all the issues I have? Just wondering whether there is anything else I should look out for.

There could be other things that come up but it’s better to wait and see. In any case none of it is too complicated, so feel free to ask again in this thread.

Okay, I’ll give it a try on my office machine and see how I get on. Thanks, @spence.

Thanks, @spence.

I’ve upgraded, and it works. The feeds were the only things I could find that gave off an error.

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