How do you update Zola?

How do you update Zola on a Mac without everything breaking? I am familiar with Homebrew, if that helps.

It just I installed Zola on my office computer – not realising you had introduced a new version (0.19.0) – cloned the repo of my site, went to run zola serve and it came back with errors. All, so far, have related to config.toml. I only wanted a backup of the site on my office computer in case anything went wrong.

I have 0.18.0 on my laptop where everything is ticking along nicely.

I don’t, but in theory you’d need to pin your dependencies somehow.


I don’t think homebrew allows you to pin the version of a formula

Thanks, @dustinknopoff.

You’ve given me a few pointers. So it appears I’m going to have to learn something new to me again, or I just stick with 0.18.0 on my laptop and use my office computer as a backup.

Is there anyway to install v0.18.0 on my office comp?

You can download the version you want for a few OS on the releases page: Releases · getzola/zola · GitHub

Thanks, @keats.