Old version of Zola in fedora repositories

I just noticed that when installing Zola from the fedora repositories I get version 0.12.2, instead of the current version, 0.15.3. Is this intentional? are there plans to release a more recent version?

I have no idea how the packaging is done for Fedora, I’m guessing the maintainer stopped updating it?

I have checked rpm packageand the last commit was from a month ago.

I found this issue however and it seems like the maintainers are having problems packaging an updated version of zola.

I have no idea if/when an updated version is coming to the official repositories.

I was wondering if it should be mentioned in zola’s documentation. Currently it only states

Zola has been available in the official repositories since Fedora 29.

$ sudo dnf install zola

However, the available version is quite old and has some undocumented behaviour.