Serving 404 page

In new version zola 12 it seems that zola serve does not redirect to the custom 404 template but only displays “not found”.

Woops, forgot about that.
It should be an easy fix I think if anyone wants to try it.

Hi @keats,

I can give it a try. I’m interested in Zola and this seems a good way to get familiar with the codebase.

Is next the branch I should work on?


Hi @HugoTrentesaux,

I’m trying to reproduce and fix above issue. But for me this seems to work on 0.12.2 on windows. Can you tell me how to reproduce this?


No, you’re right. I was using the 0.12.0 version and the 0.12.2 solves it. Thanks :slight_smile:

my pleasure

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