Problems with multilingual blog: language changing when it shouldn't and vice versa

I’m trying to build a multilingual blog and I’m having problems with it (for context: I’m using even theme).

Firstly, every link in the menu and the logo switches the language to default. E.g. if I’m at $BASE_URL/ru (Russian home page) and I click “About” I go to $BASE_URL/about and not $BASE_URL/ru/about. I guess that’s expected considering the config:

even_menu = [
    # ...
    {url = "$BASE_URL/about", name = "About"},

But I don’t know what to use instead of $BASE_URL to include language.

Secondly, it doesn’t seem there is a way to switch between languages, besides editing the URL by hand. Is it something that theme should do? Are there themes that allow this? Or should I somehow extend them?

Themes are usually not meant for multi-languages, unless they are explicitly built for it. even isn’t so you should probably build your own templates

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