[i18n] Theme translations

Hey folks, i think it would be really cool to have translation strings available in theme.toml like in config.toml. This would allow to people to swap theme to compare layout without breaking translations used in the theme.

I’ve worked on this on my side i’ll open a PR if you’re interested to give feedback :slight_smile:

I do want to switch to something like https://projectfluent.org/ soonish so I wouldn’t add the string approach to themes I think. Better to have everything use Fluent.

Hey that system looks great, thanks for sharing! I would love to have something like that though i’m sure simple strings are more than enough for my usecase (multilingual personal blogs).

Coming back to zola after a few months I was really pleasantly surprised by the great i18n progress on zola 10.1 so i wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart for making such a great SSG. I’m preparing a cheatsheet on my blog. I’ll post the link here on the forums when it’s done.

With lang in taxonomy templates and lang param in get_url template function around the corner, the next minor Zola version could be finally THE i18n version (that’s a big thing, cheers!) So if there’s not going to be a new release until Fluent integration, don’t mind me but if there’s going to be 0.10.2 before Fluent please consider including my PR

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