[i18n] Multilingual site configuration and output directories

I’m sorry I am confused about multilingual site.

I need the default language to be fr. So all my blog posts are like blog/article.md.
I only have a second language en. So I have content like blog/article.en.md with a slug to blog/english-title

In the config file, I tried things like this :

default_language = "fr"
languages = [
  {code = "en", feed = true},
  {code = "fr", feed = true} 

But I got error :

Error: Default language `fr` should not appear both in `config.default_language` and `config.languages`

So I finally just set :

default_language = "fr"

The pages are well rendered to and

In the template I added {{ __tera_context }} to see in the html what i got.
And I don’t have any translation related. I have "translations": []

How to configure so that I can link from one article page to other translations ?

Moreover, can the whole site be built in public/fr and public/en with its own content according to the markdown lang extension ? because my site is like https://fr.example.com and https://en.example.com


If your site has different subdomains for languages then it’s not really going to work with Zola, it only supports the same domain and the languages being part of the path as example.com/blabla (for default language - we don’t show the language code in the URL) and example.com/en/blabla for a non-default language.

translations is a poor man i18n framework (see https://www.getzola.org/documentation/getting-started/configuration/). Pages can link to their translations provided they have the same slug, like the base files in https://github.com/getzola/zola/tree/master/test_site_i18n/content

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Fair enough. Thanks.