Gitignore in public folders preventing websites rendering: solved- theme problem

The .gitignore file generated from zola build has */ in it. This seems to prevent zola-deploy-action from copying the subfolders from the output folder. To get my website working, I had to manually copy these subfolders to the gh-pages branch.

I don’t know whether this is a Zola issue, a zola-deploy-action issue, or a template issue. I suspect that it is not a template issue but I’m not sure.

I have also raised this issue here zola-deploy-action: Not adding in subfolders in the deploy as I am not sure where the issue should be fixed.

FYI, here is my .gitignore in the /public folder created after zola build :


PS: Should I be raising this here, or in github:zola directly?

OK, I found the .gitignore file in the theme in their static folder and I will raise it with them.