Missing CSS file when specifying output-dir with zola 0.18 on Windows

With zola 0.18.0 on Windows 11, when I specify output-dir, CSS files and images result in a 404, and the browser looks like this (using no style, please! theme here):

I face this problem even if I specify output-dir as “public” (the default): zola serve --output-dir public

When I use zola serve (without specifying the output-dir), I don’t face this problem.

In both cases, zola generates a public folder with exact same contents.

I have tried:

  • both pre-built binary and the binary built from source
  • multiple themes
  • a freshly-generated website (using “zola init”)

This problem does not occur when I:

  • use the old zola 0.17.2 binary on Windows 11
  • use zola 0.18 on Mac/Linux

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?