Deployment options

New Zola user here. I’ve studied the docs and followed the Get Started instructions.
So far so good. My question is: can Zola be deployed other than via the deployment options shown in the docs? I couldn’t find an answer on this forum.

I was expecting a permanent Public folder as a result of the build command containing all the files (HTML & CSS) that I could copy to a simple hosting server of my choice.
But no such folder exists. I understand that Zola overwrites the Public folder when using the build command. Is the Public folder ephemeral by design and can Zola only be deployed using Github et al?

You can deploy however you want.
zola build will erase the existing public folder and recreate it, no overwriting happens.

Thanks for your swift reply.

Here’s the issue (still using the files created during the Getting Started procedure)
zola build: works as expected
zola serve: works as expected: public folder created, all works via the server links as indicated

But when I use ‘Press Ctrl+C to stop’ the Public folder is gone.
If I copy the Public folder before using ‘Press Ctrl+C to stop’ to e.g. my desktop I have all the files. Click index.html opens fine and I see the expected

'This is my blog made with Zola.

Click here to see my posts.’

But when I click the ‘here’ link (expecting to be able to see my 2 posts) the URL updates to ‘file:///blog/’ and the browser returns a ‘file not found’ error.

What am I missing? I’d love a fully functional Public folder on my desktop with all files & links working as expected. Ready for upload via FTP.

I see that having entered a fictitious URL at the beginning of the Getting Started procedure (when asked ‘What is the URL of your site? (’) has resulted in absolute URLs in the Public folder that work well via the server listening at port 1111 but not when accessing the Public folder on my desktop via a normal browser.

zola serve is not meant to be deployed.

To get the folder ready for FTP, just run zola build and upload that folder