Exclude taxonomy term on main page

Is it possible to exclude a taxonomy term from being rendered in main page?
Taxonomy terms: Posts, Journal, Blabla1, Blabla2
My goal is to have the main page rendering everything except posts that are tagged with Journal

You can use a loop and an if in the template? Depends on how what’s your template i guess

It crossed my mind, will give it a try this weekend.
As for the template, I use a heavy modified lightspeed | Zola, the content in main page is generated via an macro.
I’m not a real developer, but I can do a thing or two :slight_smile:

In that macro I have this

{% macro header(page) %}
<div class="date">
  <time datetime="{{ page.date | date(format="%+") }}">{{ page.date | date(format="%d %b, %Y")}}</time>
<div class="homepage-list-title">
  <a href="{{ page.permalink | safe }}" title="{{ page.title }}">{{ page.title }}</a><p>{{ page.description | safe }}</p>
{% endmacro header %}

On the index page

{%- for page in show_pages %}
<li class="homepage-list">
{{ macros::header(page=page) }}             
{% endfor -%}