Help listing taxomonies in blog post page

How do I go about adding showing taxonomies associated with a page.

In my config.toml, I have:

taxonomies = [
    {name = "tags", feed = true},

And in the blog page, I have:

title = "Blog Title"
date = 2022-07-01
description = "Blog description"
draft = false
tags=["colemak", "tech", "raila"]

Whenever I try to access the taxonomies using page.taxonomies.tags, I encounter the error: Variable page.taxonomies.tags not found in context while rendering ‘post.html’. What did I do wrong?

I guess not all your pages have taxonomies?

You probably need to write it in a conditional and only use it if it is available. If any of your pages don’t define tags, then the variable will not exist when rendering that page.

This might be a helpful example:

This references a template in my shared theme: