Difficulty to resize images

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to resize pictures using the function resize_image as describe in the documentation.

I’m using it like :

<img src="{{ resize_image(path=banner_url, width=1903, height=500) }}" alt="{{ section.title }}" >

The value of the variable banner_url is “…/static/img/banners/banner_name.jpg”.

It works fine with Zola 0.5.1 however, it fails when using Zola 0.7.0.
The page is generated with src pointing to “mysite.com/processed_images/76efd3bbeacfbf0800.jpg” however the processed_images directory is not created, and thus the image is not found.

Any idea why this is happening?

Hey, this should be already fixed in the next branch which will be released as 0.8 soon (this weekend?).

OK, great, thank you!