Cannot Use Built-In Shortcode

I tried to use the resize_image shortcode in Markdown using the following syntax:

{{ resize_image(path="/graphics/test.png", height=400, width=400, op="fit_width") }}

Trying to serve it results in:

Error: Reason: Found usage of a shortcode named `resize_image` but we do not know about. Make sure it's not a typo and that a field name `resize_image.{html,md} exists in the `templates/shortcodes` directory.
Done in 10ms.

If I manually add the shortcode in the templates it seems to work, but to my understanding it should work without it as well.

So now I was wondering where I failed to use the built-in shortcode.

There are no built-in shortcodes in zola. There is a Tera function called resize_image but it’s meant to be used in templates, not markdown.

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Thank you for the answer. I thought that resize_image.html was inserted by default or so.