Variable `image.url` not found when using GitHub Actions

Hey all.

I started using the resize_image shortcode in my blog.
Is all good until I try to deploy using GitHub Actions, into a AWS S3 bucket.

Run ./zola build
Building site...
Failed to build the site
Error: Failed to render content of /home/runner/work/website/website/content/blog/performance-testing-101/
Reason: Failed to render resize_image shortcode
Reason: Failed to render 'shortcodes/resize_image.html'
Reason: Variable `image.url` not found in context while rendering 'shortcodes/resize_image.html'
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

This is the shortcode

{% set image = resize_image(path=path, width=width, height=height, op=op) %}
<img src="{{image.url}}" class="{{class}}"/>

And using build locally creates the img element like this

<img src="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;processed_images&#x2F;9f66a5fa8329559b00.jpg" class="post_std-image-float"/>

Maybe a different version of Zola?

I was able to fix.

First yes, I forgot to update the command in github actions, it was using version 12.
I update to the version im working with, 15.

Then was just a minor adjustment to change the my\path\ was using in the path for my/path/