Resize images from a shortcode

Hi, I created shortcodes to resize images and used them for a while. I put asserts in the same directory as the .md file inside the “content” directory, and use this shortcode instead of the markup syntax because I want to format the appearance of the images. I pass a filename of a local asset to the shortcode. Then the shortcode does something similar to:
<img src = “{{ receivedurl” }}>

I noticed that the images are too big, and I want to resize them. I am trying different combinations on this code, but nothing works
{% set image1 = resize_image(path=receivedurl, height=250, format=“webp”) %}
<img src = “{{ image” }}>

Can somebody help me, please?

I believe you may be missing a “width” parameter or an “op” parameter depending on what you wish to accomplish.

You possibly wish to set a “width” or use “op = "fit_height"

Ref: Image processing | Zola