Contact forms with Zola

Is it possible to create a contact form using Zola? The logic would be simple: server would just send me an email containing the form data. Ideally, I’d like to integrate recaptcha with the form so I thought about using PHP. However, I can’t figure out how to use PHP with Zola.

Is it possible or is there any better approach for doing that?

Zola’s advantages are that its have no server-side, you can build html-output and deploy it anywhere. Take a look to fetch API , I’m using it for contactform (but I have Dynamics 365 as a server for POST requests), anyway, you can easily find email-provider with fetch api, also, it would be overcomplicated to deploy php + email server just for simple mailform.

I‘m using for that use case.

I guess Staticman could also work.

Personally I do it with some AWS lambda functions: