Anyone using Staticman with a Zola blog site?

I’m building a multi-user blog site tha uses Zola. I would like to provide the capability for reader comments for each blog. Staticman claims to be able to do that.

Does anyone know of a publicly available Zola blog site with commenting capability?

I’m working on one, but it won’t be online in the foreseeable future (too many projects, too little time). Is there anything anyone could help you with?

No, not at the moment, thanks. I want to use it after I get the rest of my site going, so I’m interested in knowing if it has already been done successfully. I am a complete novice with this process.

my friend uses remark42 for zola’s blog as a commenting system, an example:

it’s pretty powerful, but it’s not a service, self-hosted only

Sadly, that requires JavaScript again.

I can’t imagine how to add comments to static html-file without JS, iframe maybe, but it also is uncommon task

Staticman provides a simple HTTP POST receiver for that.

wow, I see, each comment rebuilds a website, I didn’t think in that way

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