Zola-like for a eshop website?

Hi everyone !
Does anyone know a Zola-like solution for a eshop website ?
I want to open a small eshop for some art pieces I make, but I won’t a bloated or huge CMS.
If you know some small (but secure of course) solution, in the non-bloated spirit, let me know, please :slight_smile:

You can use Zola plus something like Stripe or Paypal for the payments / notifications / customer details.
You would essentially be delegating the hard part of the shop to a third party service.

Zola by itself won’t cut it because you need to receive information from the customers: name, address, email, CC, etc. At the very least you will need some hand-spun script on the server to capture information.

Moving away form Zola, Kirby CMS could interesting for your use case.

Thank you !
I heard about Kirby some times ago, but forgot about it.
I will do some tries.

You can use SNIPCART. Its dead easy.
It requires no dbms and no back end programming. that means no php (aka personal home page), no ruby, no java, no node, no slow junk at all. Its very liberating.
There are several examples in their github that show it being used with static sites including one made with Jekyll. Zola is no different other than Zola itself.
It does integrate with Stripe for payments. Stripe is easily the best as you don’t need a bonafide merchant account. Plus shipping and accounting integration with the big shippers.
And perhaps the biggest bonus, with Snipcart your static site will be very very fast unlike those served by the ecommerce ding dongs listed on the NYSE. One sounds like Slopify or Slothify; the other … RepairFace. Actually I dont mind the latter. Its also dead easy but is slow.