Zola-like for a eshop website?

Hi everyone !
Does anyone know a Zola-like solution for a eshop website ?
I want to open a small eshop for some art pieces I make, but I won’t a bloated or huge CMS.
If you know some small (but secure of course) solution, in the non-bloated spirit, let me know, please :slight_smile:

You can use Zola plus something like Stripe or Paypal for the payments / notifications / customer details.
You would essentially be delegating the hard part of the shop to a third party service.

Zola by itself won’t cut it because you need to receive information from the customers: name, address, email, CC, etc. At the very least you will need some hand-spun script on the server to capture information.

Moving away form Zola, Kirby CMS could interesting for your use case.

Thank you !
I heard about Kirby some times ago, but forgot about it.
I will do some tries.