Wrong mime type for svg files

Hi everyone,

I’ve updated today to the latest Zola version 0.13.0 and experienced that svg files get served as txt mime, instead of svg and could not be displayed by safari or chrome anymore. Firefox displays it correctly, guess it ignores mime-types.

Tried to fix in the the config.toml with

suffixes = [“svg”]

but it doesn’t help.

In the previous version 0.12.2 the svg-files where served in the right mime-type as svg.
Also tried to downgrade to version 0.12.2, but could not find an older version using brew to install Zola.
Is there a way to fix it or at least to downgrade?

Thanks for your responses in advance.

Might be due to the hyper upgrade in 0.13 :confused:
You can download a compiled version for each version on the GH releases page.

Thanks Keats,

could find the previous on GH. Now the svgs are displayed correctly with 0.12.2. It’s seems to be an issue in 0.13.