What is the URL of section index file

What is the final default path (or filename) of a section index file.

Path no filename works fine. such as http://myserver.com/blogs/

Specifying a filename such as http://myserver.com/blogs/index.html coughs up a 404 Not Found

Futher, will this not conflict with a webserver’s default location as found in nginx.

server {
listen 80;
server_name example.org www.example.org;
root /data/www;

location / {
    index   index.html ;

It should be:

As long as your file is named:

As can be seen here:

Which is in reality this URL:

(*) There’s a redirect in the link above which is to the URL below, but it shows the path:
redirect_to = “documentation/themes/overview”

The following URL may also work depending on your webserver:

For nginx you may use:

http {
    index index.html;

    server {

Or something like:

http {
    index index.html index.htm default.html;

    server {

Or you could set it in the server configuration.

[quote=“magikstm, post:2, topic:1606”]
It should be:

thats exactly what i have
http://myserver.com/blogs/ where blogs is the sectionname

redirects is not what im looking for.

interesting. both http://myserver.com/sectionname/ and http://myserver.com/sectionname
provide the same output.

perhaps there is just no .html extension

and looking in my output directory i see zero .html files.
ok what is going on?


Ive only ever issued zola serve and never zola build
The doc claims that `zola serve: “… will build and serve the site using a local server.” but imho it is not building.

An actual zola build will construct those .html files and the index.html files im expecting.

zola serve builds the site in memory, except for stuff like processed assets.

yeah i get that. its all good now. thank u