Use simple .html files instead of folders with index.html

By default content/blog/ will result in blog/post/index.html so the resulting URL will be Is it possible to use simple .html files for each page instead? With the above example that would be blog/post.html.

I know I can get direct HTML pages using aliases = [ "blog/post.html" ] but this would still result in blog/post/index.html produced. Also many features, like internal @/ links produce URLs that expect the default structure.

That’s Support ugly urls · Issue #840 · getzola/zola · GitHub

As mentioned in Support ugly urls · Issue #840 · getzola/zola · GitHub I don’t think there are enough people wanting that feature to be worth the added complexity.

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Thanks for the response. I"ll subscribe to the issue.

My main use case for having simple URLs is the ease of working on a page locally without having to run a zolla server.