Inclusion in debian repository

I was going to look into the process of getting zola included in the Debian repositories but before I invested time in that I wanted to find out if that is something that would be desirable?


@keats would this be ok with you?

I would welcome it. I use flatpack now, but at the latest for a Docker installation it would be very nice to use a Debian package. Maybe also deb-get compatible.

Sure, I don’t mind it.

Ok thank you will look into it when I get a chance. Just didn’t want to invest the time if it wasn’t a desirable thing in the end.

Started the process of looking into it and discovered that it is a fair but of work but was still trying to move forward. Fortunately I had I consulted with the person who makes the deb file listed on the installation page and he pointed out that someone else was already in the process. This person appears to be an actual Debian Developer so it’s in good hands.

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