Theme with : page tree, table of content table search and dark/light mode


I’ve been using Hugo for teaching purpose.
The compilation is quite fast (a key feature!) but I don’t like it very much.
The documentation is lacking, the templates are messy and I don’t use golang very much so I’m always annoyed when something goes wrong. I’ve wrote a few things in rust and I would like to switch to Zola.

I’ve found Zola and I have a few questions before starting the migration of 1000+ pages :

During my courses I use my site to share courses with students.
It means they’ll read the courses on many devices and I want them to be able to :

  1. change the device : I need a responsive theme.
  2. navigate between pages with easy : I need a page tree (see here for an example)
  3. navigate in the content : I need a table of content.
  4. use a dark or light theme : my classroom I don’t know in which environment they’ll be reading the courses
  5. use a search box to find content quickly

I need a few more things but it’s not mandatory.

Is there a working theme matching all those criterion ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: