Getting started guide seems to not support themes

I just started using Zola, followed the Getting Started guide, added some content, and then tried to add a theme.

I was quite surprised to see that no matter what theme I cloned into themes and added to config.toml, nothing changed.

I kicked off a new repo to debug, and did the theme first, checking through each step of the Getting Started guide. It worked! Right up until creating index.html in

which gives you a page that doesn’t import site.css, and thus only has whatever CSS you manually add to your template (Bulma 0.8 in the case of the example).

How does one create a site that actually uses a theme?

I think the right thing to do here is:

  • Configure the theme.
  • Do not create a base.html.
  • Do not create index.html.
  • Instead, create content/ with metadata inside +++ blocks.

However, if I do that I don’t actually get main page content — the title shows up, but not the body.

This is a bit of a critical miss for a getting started guide: I’m flailing about in the dark. Can someone suggest what I’m doing wrong and update the Getting Started guide to save the next person?

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If you are using a theme and you don’t want to customise it, the templates folder should be empty basically.
The quickstart should have a section for templates though, you’re right.

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The fact that the templates folder should be empty to use a theme wasn’t obvious to me either after going through the getting started guide. Adding a sentence at the end of the guide saying as much would be helpful.

Sounds more like a bug tbh