Taxonomies values aliases


I was wondering if an alias system for taxonomies would be an accepted addition

I use taxonomies for tags and sometimes the same idea has several possible terms associated with it across communities with only small differences to their meaning
I would like to have all the variants available (either hidden for SEO-only purposes on the leaf pages, or displayed on the taxonomies listing) and the pages grouped (by the main term) and sub-grouped (by their specific alias) for better discoverability

I have two main examples in my usage:

The type of media I’m talking about

Depending on how you review/analyse a piece of work, some differences, although fundamentals, may not be relevant

For example, cinema films, TV films and TV series, and even streaming-services series or cable series have many differences (how they are written, filmed, produced, financed) but the main idea of being “a video fictional work” could be more important while comparing to e.g. books or paintings

Similarly, as in my case, there are many types of comics: comic books (mostly USA), graphic novels (mostly USA), bandes dessinées (the French stuff), mangas (Japan), manhua (China), manhwa (Korea), webcomic (strip made for scrolling); each has many differences with the others (style, format, publication schedule and pipeline) but the base idea is the same and can usually appeal to the same person to some extent, and I see value in both identifying them as different and still group them in taxonomies listing pages

The genre of the works

In my case, I read a lot of WLW (women loving women) works, and there are several terms used to identify such work: WLW, GL (Girls’ love) or Yuri (mainly for manga); and I will probably come across other terms in future

A case I don’t have in my usage yet, but that I would migrate to if the feature is implemented: usage of English terms in other languages
It makes sense to me to use “Fantasy” instead of “Fantastique” (French) even on the French side of my website, but having a (displayed or hidden) alias would allow for better SEO on both terms

Can you just use 2 taxonomies? Or do you want to redirect to another and not have the content duplicated?

I’d like to keep all the works grouped by “concept” while still being able to identify the key differences in each variations

By using multiple taxonomies, I would be doing much more than duplicating (while also duplicating a lot)

Another issue with using multiple taxonomies is that I would need much more template code to work around the duplication on a works page, or I’d be facing a virtually infinite list of tags
It would also grow each time I come across a new term and I’d have to go back all my pages to update them (though admittedly I don’t have that many, yet, hopefully)

I may not have been clear on the main gain here: the Atom/RSS feeds and the taxonomies term pages

It would mean that I could use the “most generic” term, e.g. “comics” for English, as the “default” term, and then associate all the others (“graphic novels”, “bande dessinée”, “manga”, “manhua”, “manhwa”, etc.) with it
Then on the taxonomy term page, all the works would be listed, with their specialized term, and the same goes for the Atom/RSS feeds
(Ideally we could keep a term page for the specialized term alone if that’s not too much hassle to implement)

Maybe I’m in a very very niche use case here, and I could live with that, but I’m willing to implement that feature if it has a chance to get merged (in whatever time frame I’m able to get a grasp of Rust though :sweat_smile:)