More flexible taxonomies

It’s quite restrictive that taxonomies live at [taxonomy]/single.html and [taxonomy]/list.html. Would it be possible to allow customisation of these paths?

In addition, could taxonomies have associated meta data, specifically a place to store a description of the taxonomy and a description of each term within it?

What’s the use-case there?

I would just chuck that in the [extra] section of the config or in the templates directly.

Tags for sections. For example, if I have a section /games/ I can’t also have a taxonomy [games] because it’ll live at the same location as the section which Zola doesn’t allow. I can’t see a way around this with the current implementation, unless I’m missing something?

I did try that in the config, but it starts to get very unwieldy for many taxonomies and terms. Adding them directly to templates is unworkable as I keep content and structure separated.

I think I could make a workaround using external text file descriptions and use load-data. I’ll investigate that.

I see. You were talking about the template path but you actually want to change the output path, that makes more sense

Ah yes, that’s exactly it, sorry for any confusion. Perhaps then an output path could also be allowed as part of the taxonomy definition? For example:

taxonomies = [
    { name = "games", path = "games/tags", feed = true}