List all terms in taxonomies within category


I’m trying to port my existing Octopress blog to Zola, and for the most part it’s going well but I can’t work out how to replicate the Categories sidebar on the blog index with the Taxonomies feature.

Basically within the section I’d like to be able to access the taxonomies for that section just like the taxonomies list page does. Is there any way to do this? (In this case there is only one section and one taxonomy so it can even be global, not section-specific).

I’d even thought of just embedding the taxonomy list page, but that approach doesn’t work well with CSS.

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Does the octopress template have several sections? I’ve checked your site and it only seems to list global categories? Eg your “about” page doesn’t have section right?

That sounds like the template should just pick them up from the config rather than the section. If you pick it from the section, you will have an empty sidebar on the about page.

Is the filled-in Taxonomy available from the config?

I think when I tried before it only had the metadata and not the complete Taxonomy?

Also note in this case the about page has no sidebar, but I also don’t have subsections.

It’s not filled in the config but you can grab the data from the template with get_taxonomy. It’s going to be global though.

And as for the terms themselves, Next version by Keats · Pull Request #1965 · getzola/zola · GitHub is adding a function get those but it’s just on the next branch for now