Stripping binaries in releases

Hello @keats ,

since Rust 1.59.0 we have binaries stripping for free.

Would it makes sense adding a strip = true to the Cargo.toml of Zola?

Or any of the crates in the workspace?

if you agree, I can push a PR for that.


Could be worth it, hopefully there’s no panic anymore so the debug info is not needed.

Would you prefer to also build in the CI an additional debug version for people needing debug info?
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No, I think this would be more annoying. We can just ask people to build the source with debug info if needed.

Fine for me, but I think Zola is a tool also oriented to non-critically-technical people (example, “tech bloggers”).

I imagine this scenario (don’t know how likely): If I were a tech blogger, suffer a Zola crash and find myself to possibly needing to install all dependencies and build Zola to submit the needed info, that would make me uncomfortable.

addressed in Strip binary artifact when building for release by apiraino · Pull Request #1949 · getzola/zola · GitHub