Serve static file without extension

I’m running a zola blog using Github pages and it works great! I’ve also been looking into running a matrix synapse server and part of that setup would require me to serve /.well-known/matrix/server from the top level domain I’m using for my blog. Is there a way to specify paths that should be considered as static assets and not posts/pages? Currently I have the file in the right place but I get a 404. Maybe I’ve misconfigured it or it’s just not possible?

File in the repo:

You mean the file in the static folder : ?
I tried to serve a file /.test/abc.txt located in the static folder and it works for me at least with Zola serve and looking into it should work with you too.
I tried to access and it tells 404 but it might be due to your server configuration (github pages).
You should check if Github pages serves files inside a hidden folder (.well-known). It serves well the images for example : /assets/img/2020-06-17-datadog-log-1.png

Yea, I thought about this overnight and realised that it’s nothing to do with Zola, it’s more likely something to do with Github Pages. It could well be because they’re using letsencrypt with the HTTP verification so they have special handling for routes starting with /.well-known