Polish language search index support


I am creating a multilingual site where one of the languages is Polish. However, when I set it to have a search index built for this language I get a message that it is not supported.

# config.toml
build_search_index = true

Leads to:

Error: Failed to serve the site
Error: Tried to build search index for language pl which is not supported

Is this correct or am I perhaps doing something wrong?

It looks like it’s not supported upstream: elasticlunr-rs/Cargo.toml at master · mattico/elasticlunr-rs · GitHub

Alright, thank you. I going to try Stork or Tinysearch then…

afaik those support only English. It’s probably easier to contribute to elasticlunr-rs since they have multiple languages support

I’d gladly contribute if there were instructions for non-programmers like me. I will contact the repository owner to make sure that I do it right.

Matt (the project owner of elasticlunr-rs) responded to my message and explained to me that no translation work is necessary (as I wrongly thought) since so-called stop word lists in various languages (including Polish) are already online available. In order to have Polish implemented it is necessary to rewrite a so-called polish stemmer (also available online) in Rust and Javascript. So this is the part that requires some programming. (Implementing non-Indo-Germanic languages is a more involving process, though.)

Matt is busy right now but he might find some time for this in December or January.