RSS and languages do not work

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I faced two issues:

  • RSS returns 404
  • get_url seems to ignore the lang parameter

Is it something I did wrong?

RSS would be availible when you’ll add some content, not just index.

Can’t understand exacly what’s going wrong with lang, but maybe it some minor errors in the template,

Also, I see an error with zola serve after cloning your repo, 'cause origin scss linked with theme’s scss. It works well with empty origin scss, you don’t need this links.

Thank you, creating some stub content made Zola generate the feed.

I’m sure the issue with lang has nothing to do with the theme, here’s a minimal example.

Nah, it doesn’t work since scss files are dependent on each other - default.scss and dark.scss depend on _ergo.scss and _ergo.scss depends on the other ones. If I remove them either my patched _ergo.scss doesn’t apply or errors because it’s missing dependencies.

take a look:

<li>en: {{ get_url(path="@/", lang="en") | safe }}</li>
<li>ru: {{ get_url(path="@/", lang="ru") | safe }}</li>

Alright, I checked the code and gen_url seems to only use lang parameter when path starts with @/ - that is, when it’s an internal link, which is not possible for RSS

This needs to be fixed for the next release


Actually we do have tests for it so it’s a bit odd it doesn’t work.
Looking at the theme, the line Ergo/macros.html at 7160ed3dccec71665723cf74d1ffbd2c59086c32 · insipx/Ergo · GitHub is wrong as it should be config.feed_filename.

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