Next release schedule?

Any hope for a 0.14 release sometime soon? There are some goodies I’m eager to use in production.

It’s not going to happen soonish. There will be quite a few breaking changes I want to make so I’m trying to group all of them in 0.14 so there is only one big upgrade rather than many small ones.

The remaining things are:

That’s going to take a while to do all of that and would love some help. Versions after 0.14 should be much smaller in scope if we manage to get all of the above done.

Which features are you waiting for, just for curiosity?

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Maybe I’m asking the question the wrong way:

I have two personal blog projects for which Zola + Netlify seem like the right tech stack. (Zola because it’s the best of the SSGs I can find right now; Netlify because they have great Git LFS support.)

I can’t publish either site right now for two reasons:

  1. I haven’t finished adding all of the content I want to add. That will be a couple of weeks at least.
  2. The site navigation is broken. I fixed that with the recent next/prev links PR but I don’t think I can use that on Netlify until it’s included in a versioned release. (If there’s an alternative mechanism to deploy via Netlify, please let me know.)

Based on your comment, I’m not sure which is the long pole in my release schedule. If they’re close, no worries. If the bug fix is going to take a month or more before it’s usable on Netlify, that causes me some heartache.

I work in Rust professionally and I may have some time to devote to this on the next weekend (a long-weekend holiday here in the US). If I can make a meaningful contribution to accelerating the release, let me know where I can make a difference.

For Netlify you can build a tar (or binary) of a version of zola that works for you, host it somewhere and then do something like Add custom data output to the comparison · getzola/zola@5d75849 · GitHub

It’s not that much code to write, except adding more tests a bit everywhere. Reviewing Classed syntax highlighting + Line numbers by evan-brass · Pull Request #1242 · getzola/zola · GitHub would also be great

I’ve also created Create test setup for Library · Issue #1480 · getzola/zola · GitHub, not super sexy but would be neat.

Ah another thing more interesting that would be helpful to the Rust ecosystem in general is updating Syntect to work with the new style of syntaxes from Sublime: Curated list of languages · Issue #168 · trishume/syntect · GitHub but this is a huge piece of work.

Something else that would be cool is a library that highlights code base on VS Code syntax highlights files (tmLanguage) rather than Sublime. It should be faster as it is less powerful but it should be good enough for websites.

Started a new thread to discuss deploying via Netlify. It turned out to be rather more complicated than I expected, so I’m going to have to pull back on reviewing other PRs this weekend. (Need some time to work on my original project content and also enjoy the nice weather this holiday weekend.)