How to publish on netlify?


I have created a site and attempted to publish on netlify using the directions at:

When I go through the instructions from that page, netlify indicates that zola is not installed. Maybe I’m not understanding something, but it seems as if zola is not supported according to the error message and the documentation here:

Has anyone successfully gotten those instructions to work recently?

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Hi, zola works great with netlify, I changed:

build command zola build
image ubuntu 16.04
variable ZOLA_VERSION 0.10.1

and it works as you might see

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Wow you’re right…that was easy. I must have not read the documentation closely or maybe I misunderstood it. Either way, it’s working now and I really appreciate your help. Thanks again @Roman!


Hi all ,just tried to publish with netlify, my settings are

Build command zola build
image Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 (default)
variable ZOLA_VERSION 0.12.0

    base_url = (config.toml)

and it seems to work as expected locally. But after the deployment, all links are broken see

you’re missing http/https in your base url and every link becomes a relative path

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Thanks, now it works as expected :slight_smile: