New behavior of old templates with truncate path and taxonomy items

I got some specific changes with my old templates, may you please help to understand, maybe I do something wrong

{% set tags = get_taxonomy(kind="tags") %}
     {% for tag in tags.items %}  
             <li class="nav-item">
                 <a class="nav-link" href="{{tag.permalink | safe }}">{{}}</a>
     {% endfor %}

It was correct in Zola 0.12.0 but in Zola 0.12.2 and next brunch I receive also blank li with

<li class="nav-item"> <a class="nav-link" href="[](view-source:"></a> </li>
{% set path = current_path | truncate(length=3, end="") %}
{{ path }}

Zola 0.12 was without slash, now is looks like slash is count, so I have /po instead por

All the current_path now have a leading / since zola 0.12 so you would need to +1 your length to take it into account.

it’s not big deal, I’ll fix it, I have more concerns about taxonomy, should I change something?

Oops i missed the first one.
I have

      {% set tags = get_taxonomy(kind="tags") %}
      {% for term in tags.items %}
	<a href="{{ term.permalink }}">{{ }}</a>
      {% endfor %}

on a blank site and it works as expected? Do you the site public somewhere? - on the left aside you may see “blog tags” , and at 393bad89577d36bbf611a0d30cd95050a8432e3f · o365hq/ · GitHub

but I also can’t repeate it on the new blank website :slight_smile:

doh, I found, some articles have taxonomy like

tags = [""]

our stupid mistake, bit fun it was acceptable in 0.12.0 :slight_smile: