More than one custom rss.xml feed


The website I’m creating using zola will need to generate two types of RSS feed.

One which is a regular ATOM feed very much like the template provided by zola and the other is a Podcast audio feed, which supports custom attributes used by iTunes and other podcast platforms.

My approach to the problem

Create a custom RSS.XML in the /templates directory as directed by Zola documentation

The RSS template gets three variables:

Last updated

I wanted to create a Tera template that did something like this (pseudo code)

{% IF section/taxomony = "PODCAST" THEN %}
..Were using podcast XML
{% ELIF section/taxonomy = "LESSONS" THEN %}
..Were using ATOM XML
{% ENDIF %}

Only I can’t find the section/taxonomy name from the pages (or CAN I ?)


I wanted to create a custom RSS.XML in each taxonomy folder



Does anyone have another approach? Is it possible to get the section name from pages?

Thanks for any ideas

Ok after spending way to much time on this I discovered an undocumented variable called feed_url which you can see if you use the Tera {{__tera_context}} to display what variables you have available in the context of this template.

So now I have

{% if feed_url is containing("podcast") %}
    {% set podcastRSS = true %}
{% else %}
    {% set podcastRSS = false %}
{% endif %}
{% if podcastRSS %}
{% else %}
< rss>ATOM...></rss>
{% endif %}

So if your stuck like I was take a look at the tera template variable {{__tera_context}}

Maybe we should document the feed_url variable in Zola under the RSS documentation?

Typical I ask a question on a forum and then find the answer almost straight away :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will help others.

Typical I ask a question on a forum and then find the answer almost straight away

As we all do :wink:

I’ll document it in the next version, thanks for reporting that!